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Vale Peter Benjamin

Last month I attended the funeral of Peter Benjamin the lyricist for the Australian Musical Lola Montez.

A wonderful service was held at Shore School in Sydney celebrating his life, talents and good qualities.

Peter's family and friends are looking forward to the next production of Lola Montez as a further toast to his achievements.

Caroline : Free Perusal

Peter Pinne and Don Battye's rollicking musical based on the life of Caroline Chisholm is available now .

For February and March perusals are free for schools.

Featuring lively rock music and wonderful story about the woman regarded as a saint for rescuing immigrants from the gutter in early Victorian Sydney.

Shaz and Nick's Big Greek Wedding Reception ( Dim Toula)

I am excited to release an hilarious new comedy perfect for dinner theatre written by Hobart writer Craig Wellington.

I laughed and I cried before I even finished reading the script.

"I am a Greek. I am a dead Greek grandmother" says Nan now a ghost haunting her son Nick's wedding Reception.

"He should marry a good Greek girl called Stavroula, that is my name. This one Sharon leads him astray"

"In my day a pigeon would be killed and its blood put on the sheet to say she is really a virgin."

Read STAGE WHISPERS Magazine Free

Back issues of Stage Whispers Magazine can now be read free at www.stagewhispers.com.au

Win tickets to see Warnie the Musical and Priscilla the Musical plus books and CD's if you subscribe before December 6.

In the November/December issue....Read about STIFF - New Zealand's naughtiest comedy ...plus.

Vale Patrick Flynn

I was saddened to hear that the amazingly talented Patrick Flynn has died suddenly in the United States.

Patrick had a career that straddled everything from composing rock musicals to conducting symphony orchestras.

My connection to him was his work with Reg Livermore on the musical Ned Kelly which I am very fond of.

He was a lyrical voice down a distant telephone line.

I am sorry he never saw any of the revivals in recent years.

The Sydney Morning Herald has published a wonderful obit which you will find a fascinating read.

HOT Hot Shoe Shuffle set for hire

CLOC Music Theatre  in Melbourne sold more than 6000 tickets to their dazzling production of Hot Shoe Shuffle.

What an honour for me to have this company stage two shows  I represent in one year.

Peter Allen Exhibition opens at The Victorian Arts Centre

The Victorian Arts Centre is celebrating the life of Peter Allen for the next three months.

A new free exhibition includes Peter Allen's maracas, his dazzling designer stage outfits and trademark Hawaiian shirts.

Also on display are some of the most spectacular costumes used in The Boy From Oz.


Just down the road The Boy From Oz can be enjoyed until the 23rd of November at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Essgee Mikado

If you are in Adelaide don't miss the Mikado at the Adelaide Festival Centre from January 7 until 15.

Back to the 80's a hit in US

Neil Gooding's Back to the 80's is fast becoming the most widely performed Australian written musical of all time.

There have been 180 productions in the USA since it started being licenced by Music Theatre International.

Plays. Pantomimes and One Act's on line

Jasper Publishing in the UK which I represent down under has recently upgraded its web-site to include PDF's of the first 20 pages of more than 300 fabulous plays, pantomimes and one acts.

It is well worth a visit