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These two musicals are my  most prolific shows with 75 productions booked in 2005 in Australia and New Zealand.

Now England's largest theatrical agent Josef Weinberger has agreed to licence these two shows in the UK. ( Starting soon )  We expect they'll sweep the UK as they have downunder.

These shows are so popular there are two  towns in New Zealand... Hamilton and Palmerston North where both productions will be on this year.


The Jon English and David Mackay musical 'Paris'  will be staged by seven theatres and schools in England, Australia and New Zealand this year.

The production which centres on the love between Paris and Helen of Troy has been extensively reworked since its successful opening in 2003/04 in Sydney and Melbourne.

David Mackay  flew from London to Sydney to take part  with Jon English in a workshop last year and last month the creative team from Gosford in New South Wales spent time in London assisting in more updates.

CRUISIN the Musical by Pete Waterman and Rod Christian.

I am very excited to announce my new release  Cruisin...a fifties rock musical that will excite community and school theatre.

Cruisin - is set around the 1959 Battle of the Bands... 17 year old Vinnie Russo is desperate to shake off the shackles of his strict Italian family  and become a rock star.  As the lead guitarist of the Cruisin band he loves Girls, Elvis, Rock and Roll and Guitars.

Daryl R Peebles of Tasmania meets Daryl R Peebles of South Carolina.

Daryl Peebles the writer of Shenanigan's Wake, BBQ and Aussie Rules the Musical ( all excellent for theatre restaurant also http://www.davidspicer.com/Plays-dp.htm ) has had the most bizarre encounter with a man the same age with the same name on the other side of the world.

Here is a transcript of the story which appeared on ABC TV news a few weeks back.

Welcome Judith Prior

Each year more than 40 theatres around Australia stage one of Judith Prior's 16 classic comedies.

From Phantom of the Music Hall to Jest at the West to Pirate Prince to Opportunity Knocks! ( and many more ) Little theatres and schools stage the 'cheeky' comedies usually in theatre restaurant style.

Every imaginable theme is available from Ancient Egypt to Colonial England - to the Wild West to the Aussie outback. Theatres choose their own well known music to go with the script.

Season's Greetings

I wish you all a very safe and merry festive season. Hope you return from your Christmas break refreshed and renewed.

Vale Jim Sperinck

I am sad to report the passing of pantomime writer Jim Sperinck. I had the great privilege of meeting Jim during my visit to London last year.

Jim is the founder of Jasper Publishing and writer of many hit pantomimes including his red hot favourite Panto at the OK Corral. I enjoyed a pint in a lovely pub with this very jolly gentleman. Jasper Publishing lives on. His son is taking over the empire - and is about to launch an exciting new web-site for the company to honour his father's memory.


A big welcome to two new writers to DSP Clem Gorman and Pamela Whalan.

Clem Gorman is a prolific playwright who has had 11 plays staged by professional companies in Australia over twenty years.

Available immediately for perusal are:


Eureka is an accomplished and entertaining musical" Sydney Morning Herald 2004.

I am very proud to announce the release of the rights to community theatre and schools of the stage musical Eureka.

Sample the sights and sounds of this musical at the Eureka web-site. http://www.essgee.com/html/Eureka/index.htm


If you have not received my 2007 catalogue yet please email me your postal address and a copy will be sent immediately. 2007 will be the tenth anniversary of my theatrical agency.

DSP started with one composer in 1997. It now licences more than 100 productions a year in Australia and New Zealand and another 60 in countries including Canada, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, China, Norway - and across the UK.

The catalogue includes Musicals, Plays, Pantomimes, Theatre Restaurant and Children's theatre.