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New Release : MOTOR-MOUTH LOVES SUCK-FACE An Apocalyptic Musical

 "Freakishly Funny" Stage Whispers

Comedies by Raymond Hopkins

DSP is delighted to represent the classic British farce of playwright Raymond Hopkins in Australia and New Zealand.

There are ten plays to choose from - almost all with the theme of love in them.

Raymond's most popular work is Love Begins at 50.

He commenced writing the farce and comedies to raise money for medical research into Multiple Sclerosis.

Author's royalties over the years have raised tens of thousand of pounds for this worthy cause.

Hot Shoe Shuffle in Florida

DSP is currently licencing a season of Hot Shoe Shuffle in Florida.

A season is being staged by the Wick Theatre in Baca Raton. 

Read a review here.

Uked! The first play along Ukulele musical

Uked! is the hilarious and poignant story of Karla, who is dumped on her 50th birthday by her violin-playing boyfriend, Brian. Desperate to belong and prove her musical worth, Karla buys a ukulele and joins a dating site - learning that love and the ukulele have a lot in common.  

Backstage tour of We Will Rock You

Check out the amazing set and costumes which is touring New Zealand by members of the consortium over the next three years.


Frankie J Holden directs Ladies In Black

Recent Logie winner Frankie J Holden directed the sold out season of Ladies in Black staged by the Spectrum Theatre Group on the far south coast of NSW.

It was a family affair with the leading ladies being his daughter Georgia and wife Michelle.

See the backstage interview with David Spicer.

Order your perusal here.

DSP 2020 Musical and Play Catalogue

Order your 2020 catalogue of musicals and plays from David Spicer Productions. CLICK HERE.

Or see the catalogue on-line here.

Organised into different genres that include:

Recent professional seasons

New Releases

Parody and Musical Comedy

Jukebox Musicals

Small Cast Musicals

Large Cast Musicals

Youth Musicals

Gilbert and Sullivan/Operetta/Classics Updated

Australian Comedy

School Musical and Play News

Read the 2019 DSP School Musical and Play Newsletter.

Find out which shows are most popular, how schools are staging them and some new releases.

Click here.

Margaret Fulton : Queen of the Dessert

This joyous musical is being staged at Bondi Beach until October 27.

Agatha Crusty Comedy Series

DSP is excited to welcome British writer Derek Webb - the creator of the wildly popular Agatha Crusty comedy series.

His biggest hit comedy is Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders which has had dozens of productions around the world.