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Fabulous New Theatre Web-site

Stage Whispers Magazine is excited to announce the launch of a fabulous new theatre web-site for Australia and New Zealand.


It includes News, Features, Video, What's On, Reviews and most unique the Show Business Directory.

Every subscriber receives a free premium listing - that includes a unique URL address, picture, web-links and space for a short description.

There are almost 100 directories .....ranging from Theatre Companies, to Directors, to Costume Makers, to Sound and Light Crew.

Back to the 80's now Back to the 1400's

Back to the 80's writer Neil Gooding is turning back the clock 600 years.

He's the Producer of an hilarious new production called Gutenberg the Musical.

I can relate to this show. It's about people pitching wacky ideas for a musical.

Look out for the season coming up in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.


Auckland Music Theatre

Congratulations also to Auckland Music Theatre for picking up two NAPTA awards for their production of The Boy From Oz.

They won for Best choreography and Richard Neame for best actor in a leading role.

Jon English and the CAT Awards

Jon English and David Mackay have completed a sparkling new updated edition of Paris which will be available for perusal at the end of March.

Jon is also appearing on stage this week in Newcastle in another musical he wrote - Buskers and Angels.

For details visit his web-site www.jonenglish.com.au

A few weeks back Jon presented the David Spicer Productions Award for Best direction of a play at the CAT AWARDS in Canberra.

Congratulations to the Orange Theatre Company for picking up three CAT Awards for their production of The Boy From Oz.

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Amazing High School Production of Paris

Last night I attended an extraordinary High School production of Paris at the York Theatre of the Seymour Centre in Sydney.

St Andrew's Cathedral School is staging the musical until Saturday night.

They have an amazing 40 piece orchestra, excellent singing, superb choreography and direction.

Well worth a look.

Bookings at www.sacs.nsw.edu.au

Vale Peter Benjamin

Last month I attended the funeral of Peter Benjamin the lyricist for the Australian Musical Lola Montez.

A wonderful service was held at Shore School in Sydney celebrating his life, talents and good qualities.

Peter's family and friends are looking forward to the next production of Lola Montez as a further toast to his achievements.

Caroline : Free Perusal

Peter Pinne and Don Battye's rollicking musical based on the life of Caroline Chisholm is available now .

For February and March perusals are free for schools.

Featuring lively rock music and wonderful story about the woman regarded as a saint for rescuing immigrants from the gutter in early Victorian Sydney.

Shaz and Nick's Big Greek Wedding Reception ( Dim Toula)

I am excited to release an hilarious new comedy perfect for dinner theatre written by Hobart writer Craig Wellington.

I laughed and I cried before I even finished reading the script.

"I am a Greek. I am a dead Greek grandmother" says Nan now a ghost haunting her son Nick's wedding Reception.

"He should marry a good Greek girl called Stavroula, that is my name. This one Sharon leads him astray"

"In my day a pigeon would be killed and its blood put on the sheet to say she is really a virgin."

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