Song Contest: The Almost Eurovision Experience.

On stage now in Melbourne. Order your perusal now.

Popstars! The 90s musical.

See the highlighs video of the number one DSP show of 2015.

Saturday Night Fever the Musical

Rave reviews and full houses in Australia and New Zealand.

The Boy From Oz

A hit across the United States and Australia.

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80's has now been staged more than 1000 times all over the world. This picture is from The Old Nick Theatre Company in Hobart.

Disco Inferno

A Devilish New 70's Musical by Justin Sepple

David Spicer Productions

David Spicer Productions aims to provide full house musicals and plays to professional, amateur and school theatre. In 2004 Musicals, Plays and Pantomimes from David Spicer Productions were  be staged in 100  towns and cities across Australia , New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.


It started when David Spicer began researching a book and was asked by composer Bernard J Taylor to be his agent. Since then DSP has expanded , but only quality works are brought into the catalogue. Many have been performed with great success on the professional stage.

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What's On

Popstars! The 90's musical.
 • NSW
15/05/16 - 29/05/16 • 
Mater Dei Catholic College
Popstars! The 90's musical.
 • NZ
31/05/16 - 02/06/16 • 
Porirua College
Back to the 80's
 • NSW
02/06/16 - 04/06/16 • 
Taree High School
Popstars! The 90's musical.
 • QLD
03/06/16 - 04/06/16 • 
Roma State College
The Last Resort
 • VIC
28/05/16 - 04/06/16 • 
Lake Bolac Music Club
Sailing South
 • NSW
29/05/16 - 04/06/16 • 
Young Theatre Company
Popstars! The 90's musical.
 • NSW
09/06/16 - 12/06/16 • 
Jest at the West
 • QLD
06/05/16 - 12/06/16 • 
Guys n' Dolls Revue
Rockin Robin
 • SA
01/06/16 - 15/06/16 • 
Naracoorte High School
Back to the 80's
 • QLD
17/06/16 - 18/06/16 • 
Flagstone State Community College
The Boy From Oz
 • USA
11/05/16 - 18/06/16 • 
Popstars! The 90's musical.
 • TAS
21/06/16 - 22/06/16 • 
Montrose Bay High School
Back to the 80's
 • NSW
20/06/16 - 23/06/16 • 
Roseville College
Popstars! The 90's musical.
 • NSW
22/06/16 - 23/06/16 • 
FrancisGreenway High School
Disco Inferno
 • NSW
23/06/16 - 24/06/16 • 
St Edwards College

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