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Saturday Night Fever The Musical

Based on the film by
and the story by
Adapted for the stage by
and assisted by
Edited by
Music and Lyrics by artists including the

Australian and New Zealand community theatres are the first in the world to be given permission to stage this iconic musical. The movie is credited with defining the 1970's, the sound track sold 25,000,000 copies and since it debuted on Broadway the musical adaptation has set pulses racing around the world.

It was described by one reviewer as a "one of a kind miracle in song, dance and simplicity."

The central character is a 19 year old in a job going no-where whose life lights up on the disco floor.

The music by the Bee Gees includes their classic hits Stayin Alive, Night Fever, More than a Woman and How Deep is Your Love.

It has a large cast with terrific ensemble dancing opportunities.

To see the potential of the show check out the show reel from the New Zealand community theatre premiere in May 2015.


Broadway Production.
Adam Garcia on the West End and tour around Australia.
3Oth anniversary DVD cover.
Auckland season in 2016.




FOSCO -  Middle aged or older paint shop owner.


TONY – A 19 year old ladies man living in the 1970s. His passion is dancing on a Saturday night down at the local dance club. Must be charismatic and a dynamic dancer.


FLO – Middle aged  very religious mother of Tony.


FRANK – Unemployed middle aged father of Tony.


BOBBY C -  A troubled youth. Bobby's life gets turned upside down when he gets his girlfriend Pauline pregnant.


DOUBLE J  - A friend of Tony Manero.


JOEY  - A friend of Tony Manero.


ANNETTE - A sex-crazed girl. Annette is obsessed with Tony and even though she loves him, only wants to use him for one thing.


DOREEN –  A shy geeky teenager at the Odyssey 2001. She has an obsession with Tony and is fixated by watching him dance.


STEPHANIE – A 20 year old office worker from Manhattan. Stephanie classes herself as a refined citizen and convinces Tony she is a snotty bitch, however she is the complete opposite.


FRANK MANERO JUNIOR  -  Tony's priest brother. After leaving the church and returning home, Tony takes him clubbing, their mother Flo flips on both of them.








LINDA – Tony’s little sister.

JAY- Stephanie’s dance partner.





CESAR AND MARIA- Spanish dancers at the Odyssey 2001.

CONNIE – Sultry Blonde.







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Instrumentation / Rentals

A new orchestration comprising Three keyboards, trumpet, bass, two guitars, trombone, tenor and alto sax -plus optional strings will be completed by mid 2014 by Andrew Swan.

Production Costs

17 Percent of Box Office.