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Lend Me A Tenor: The Musical.

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The riotous tale of mistaken identities and unexpected romance explodes in this brand new musical comedy based on the Tony award nominated play. It’s 1934 and Opera virtuoso Tito Merelli is about to revive Otello for the ten-year anniversary of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. When Tito becomes unexpectedly incapacitated, a suitable replacement must be found. Max, the Opera Director’s sheepish assistant, is charged with the daunting task of finding a suitable replacement. Who is cavalier enough to replace him? With the help of a menacing soprano, a tenor-struck ingénue, a jealous wife, and the Cleveland Police department, mayhem, lunacy and shear panic ensue, but in the end the show must always go on.

"Glorious! A Good-Hearted Show with Real Laughs" - The London Times

 "Smart, sophisticated, and wonderfully funny." The Herald Journal.

 "Lend Me A Tenor: The Musical is worthy of every standing ovation it garners. "  Daily News.

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2011 West End Season



Henry Saunders: Executive director of the opera house, 50s

Bernie Guter: stage manager of the opera house

Max Garber: his assistant, late 20s/early 30/s

Opera Guild Lady #1: lady of the Opera Guild, 50s-


Opera Guild Lady #2: lady of the Opera Guild, 30s-


Opera Guild Lady #3: lady of the Opera Guild,




Diana Divane: diva of the opera house, 40s

Maggie Saunders: Saunders

daughter, mid 20s

Tito Merelli: the international opera star, mid/late 40s

Maria Merelli: his volatile wife, late 30s/early 40s

Otello Cast Members

Reception Committee



Mayor of Cleveland







Instrumentation / Rentals

Keyboard, Bass, Percussion, Violins 1, 2, and 3,
Reeds 1, 2, 3, and 4, Trumpets 1 and 2, Trombone, Horn

Production Costs

16% of Box Office.