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Is There Anybody There.

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Why is everyone ignoring Maud when she gets up from the floor having fainted – or has she?

Some really colourful characters with a plot that has many twists and turns before everything is resolved



Maud Pendelton Age seventy nine
Lisa Pendelton Age forty
Mona Stud Age forty-eight
Derek Stud Age fifty
Anne Morton Age forty five
Doctor Paul Smith Age forty three
Madam Romano Refuses to tell her age
Mr Reginald Grimethorpe Age forty
Rosie Appleton Age twenty
The Reverend Catherine Cartwright Age thirty
A Lady Angel
NOTE As most amateur drama groups are often bereft of men, I have put a lady Reverend into the play. But, if you have more than three men, you can have a male Reverend and an Angel if you so wish.

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