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A musical play for five fabulous females.

Five very different cleaning women, the scrubbers, work together at night. They’re aged from 18 to 80 and each has a sadness, their problems are real. Meet a brilliant cook, a gambler, battered wife, a foreigner and a wannabe singer. Now just for fun they enjoy a sing-song in their tea-room and from that they create an unusual performing troupe —The Scrubbers. They sing, dance, tell jokes and serve fantastic cakes. Oh, and afterwards they clean up after everyone.

"Scrubbers is gritty, challenging, heart-warming and finally triumphant ... a very successful season".  Riverlea Theatre, Hamilton NZ

"Scrubbers was a resounding success. This fabulous musical was thoroughly enjoyed by audiences at all four venues with many compliments for both show and cast." Maryborough Players Inc

"Excellent roles for women and moving songs." NODA

"Audiences loved every minute of it … a lovely show." Guiding Light Theatre, UK

"A wonderful show." Donnybrook Theatre Co

"A very successful two-week season; an awesome script and the music was fantastic. The further into rehearsals we got, the more we appreciated the depth of the show.  It had just the right amount of drama combined with some excellent humour. The cast, crew and audiences all came away “buzzing” at the experience. Thank you so much for a wonderful script." Heretaunga Players


Pilgtrim Productions New Zealand 2015.

Plot / Synopsis

Five women work as cleaners at night in a large office complex. The play takes place mainly in their small tea-room before and after their shifts. Their working lives are pretty dull - washing floors, cleaning toilets, dusting, vacuuming and emptying rubbish bins. And their home life is just as bad, perhaps worse.

 Each woman has a story to tell; a sad story. But one woman has hopes for a better life away from scrubbing floors. Her dreams affect the others to the extent that their lives are changed dramatically and forever.


Christine             Chrissie, young, about 20, uneducated, victim, fantastic cook, good mover/dancer

 Deirdre                Dee, 30s, artistic, independent, strong-willed, singer/songwriter, the unelected, unofficial leader of the group

Helianthe           Helly, 25-40, foreigner in country of play, intelligent, quiet

Maureen             Mo, 50-80, rough diamond, heart of gold, joke-cracking, surrogate mother to the others, working class heroine

 Liz                          30-50, secretive, quiet, educated, intelligent

Sample Script

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Instrumentation / Rentals

Scrubbers is a play with songs and does not require an orchestra. A backing CD is available. The character Dee is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar. Her instrumental skills can be mimed and/or the backing CD used.

Production Costs

14% of Box Office Plus rentals of script and music.