Remain Seated

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On stage in a play, the script calls for one actor to shoot another. But the gun is loaded and the actor killed. The actors are stunned. The play must be stopped. Police investigate as the audience “remain seated”. Everyone has a motive to swap the ammunition. Whodunit? But not everything is as it seems. Has the script allowed a real murder to occur? Can the police crack the case? Can you? There’s a real sting in the tale/tail.

2 acts, thriller/murder mystery, 1 set, 8 roles [5F], 90 minutes

“Mystery thriller to keep audiences guessing to the very end.”

Piggery Lane Players

Remain Seated is a challenging play for both actors and audiences. The final scene is a real cliffhanger. Kingsport Players



South Canterbury Drama League NZ


Every actor plays two characters or two personalities

COLIN DOUGLAS - middle-aged, self-made, self-educated, successful businessman, owns his own business, not a slob but lacks sophistication, no flair, not a film-star

ROGER GRIFFITH - the actor playing Colin, flashy, sophisticated, self-indulgent, a touch over-the-top, if there is such a thing as a stereotype thespian - he's it

SHIRLEY DOUGLAS - Colin's wife, middle-aged, lacks style or class, not common but down-to-earth, loud, gives as good as she gets, enjoys a drink and a laugh

LOIS FENWICK - the actor playing Shirley, mature, generally quiet and polite

GARY DOUGLAS - Colin and Shirley's son, young adult, immature, too big for his boots, self-indulgent, pushy, chauvinist, impolite, wise guy

PETER REYNOLDS - the actor playing Gary, caring, sensitive, quietly-spoken

DENISE DOUGLAS - Gary's wife, young adult, quiet, timid, insipid, suffers in silence

CARRIE ALMOND - the actor playing Denise, independent, strong, articulate

TERRI FENTON - stage manager, could be young [20] or older [up to 50], loves live theatre, gets on well with actors, good at her job, good at her work, a professional

SUE TROMPP - young/middle-aged woman who works in the local theatre company

LENA FRANCIS - Colin's accountant, 30ish, sophisticated, intelligent, attractive, well-dressed, successful businesswoman, independent, decision-maker, slight foreign accent

ROBERT BURTON - middle-aged policeman, detective-sergeant attached to homicide-squad, dedicated, industrious, an average, ordinary, battling copper

LOUISE DRAUF - policewoman, constable, youngish, inexperienced, quietly spoken, good officer, dedicated, career policewoman likely to succeed

Note: The first ten characters require only five players.

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Production Costs

12.5% of Box Office. Plus Licence to photocopy the script.