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Oh What a Night!

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Set in a village where the local aristocrat, who is addicted to marriage and sex, causes mayhem when he decided to put up the rents and build a public convenience on the much loved village green. His tenants, including a funeral director and a tipsy pub  manager start to revolt and the 'new'  Vicar and Gamekeeper turn out to be undercover police officers. Mild Adult content. Not suitable for children.


EVANGELINE MOTISSFONT A widow who with psychic powers (Age late 40s
GABRIEL GOFFIN Evangeline’s middle aged/elderly, bachelor
brother who is the village undertaker.
AURORA MOTISSFONT Evangeline’s foundling daughter (Age between
18 and 20)
GAY CRAPPER Landlady of the Crappers Arms Public House
HEATHER CRAPPER Illegitimate daughter (Age between 17 and 20)
MITZI RYAN Owner of Fancy Pants costume hire (Age late
GILBERT RAMSWELL Detective Chief Inspector posing as Lord Willy’s
LORD WILLIAM TWYFORD Owner of the village and the castle (Age 30s)
LADY AMELIA TWYFORD Wife of Lord William (Age early 20s)
Siggy Skolimowski Chef and manager of The Hanging Tree Café &
mother of Tarquin
TARQUIN SKOLIMOWSKI Siggy’s legitimate but secret son by the late
Lord Brandon Twyford (Age 18)
NORBERT NIBLOCK Detective Sergeant posing as a Vicar
BASHIRA A teenage waitress and belly dancer at the café
PETER PISTOFF The ghost of an ancient Russian

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