Ladies Night

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The rags to riches tale of how five men rise to the heights of male stripperdom and their own understanding of what the opposite gender want.

 "LadiesNight starts with the gritty realism of unemployment for a group of hopeless young men, its enormous popularity (which led to several national tours after its first performance in 1987) was largely due to the inspired showmanship of the male strip show which the young men develop, and which constitutes a big production extravaganza for most of the second half of the play." Oxford Companion to NZ Theatre.

Australian National Tour in 2012.

Fifty three venues across Australia will be presenting Ladies Night proudly produced by Jally Entertainment.

The comedy about four unemployed guys, motivated by ‘The Chippendales’ to form a male stripping act, in order to make some fast cash. They pitch the notion to a local club owner, Bernie (played by Ken James - Skippy) and take lessons from a slightly shop-worn, exotic dancer, Glenda (played by Alli Pope - Steaming)  and the changing character of Gavin (played by Steven Tandy - The Sullivans). Written in 1987, by Anthony McCarten and Stephen Sinclair,

‘Ladies Night’ has been translated into twelve languages and remains New Zealand’s most commercially successful play, of all time. With eight sell-out tours of Britain and the U.K, it won France’s premiere theatre award for comedy - The Molière Prize, in 2001. The national tour produced by Jally Entertainment commences on Friday 3rd August.

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Cast at the Lieder Theatre Goulburn NSW.
Aussie tour 2012


Cast: 8
Female: 1
Male: 7

Production Costs

12.5% of Box Office. In New Zealand inquiries to