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The most popular  Cenarth Fox musical ever. Inside a human—what a set—a group of germs in amazing costumes spread disease. The human fights back with medicine. It’s a fight to the death. But there’s an enemy in the ranks of the germs. It’s a bloodless coup. Fabulous score and praise from around the world. Some schools have done it twice! It’s even been staged by the staff of a public hospital!


                       GERMS was magnificent. All the things that make theatre a terrific experience were there Wesley College

                                                                          Outstanding ... again! Shepparton PS

                                                    A great musical and a great piece of kids' theatre Mansfield HS and PS

GERMS was marvellous. Our school community was thrilled with the performance. Many commented on the appropriateness of the story and the lively music Kyabram PS

A night they will never forget Firbank Anglican School

GERMS offers everything - music, dance, dramatic effects. GERMS offers innovations Nhulunbuy HS

Outstanding ... again! Shepparton PS

GERMS was a great success and our kids are still walking on air Mowbray College

Thumbs up for the kids of Voiceworks for their production of GERMS. This was one of the funniest plays I've seen in a long time and everyone who saw the show laughed heartily Jennifer Billings



Star of the sea.

Plot / Synopsis

The action takes place inside a human's body as some germs spread infection. The human fights back. It's a terrific struggle, a fight to the death - literally.

But all is not well amongst the germs. Some are rebellious and believe their leader has some dark and terrible secret. There is talk of a coup - a bloodless coup!

The story builds to a gripping climax. We do not know what will happen until the very last moment. Germs is infectious!


 Your performing space becomes a part of the human's body, perhaps the duodenum. It need not be realistic. Instead any type of wild and colourful backdrop and props can be used. There should be several hidden exits which enable the germs to enter/exit without delay. The leader's shelter and an alarm are essential.

Use raised platforms [different levels] and, if possible, a fireman's pole or slide for spectacular movement. More detailed suggestions are provided in the free Production Notes. One of the benefits of staging Germs is the flexibility of the set.



Cast [remember inside a human things are back to front]

 Suriv                   leader, brave, means well, respects all germs

Reclu  deputy-leader, obedient, loyal, industrious, a touch pompous

Bacs                    rebel, has failed leadership exam, bitter, angry, ambitious

Enca                   friend of Bacs, dim-wit, thick, bully, crass, stupid

Timov                friend of Bacs, average intelligence, supports Bacs, a follower

Ulf                       clown, buffoon, always in trouble, means well, liked by all

Revef solid citizen, reliable, supports the status quo, intelligent

Airalam             friend of Revef, nervous, immature, easily swayed

Pmul                  guard, assistant to Reclu

Airetcab            guard, assistant to Reclu

Amoc guard, assistant to Reclu

Lli                         non-speaking member of the bomb-disposal squad

Llip Gib              large capsule swallowed by the human, non-speaking part

Smreg                members of the germ company


Sample Script

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Instrumentation / Rentals

CD Backing Track and Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Drum-kit, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Flute.

Production Costs

12.5% of Box Office. Plus licence to photocopy script and rental of music.