Fairy Tales

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Hilarious and dramatic events unfold as the fairy tale characters try living in someone else's fairy tale. But does being someone else make you happy?

The whacky witch and the grumbling giant are ever present. Then when the threat of censorship or even a total ban on some fairy tales because they are politically incorrect looms large, what can be done? The answer comes from a very surprising source with the full company singing the hit song Fall In Love.

Your costumes are stunning, your set enchanting, the music toe-tapping and the comedy and drama just keep on coming. Fairy Tales is an adult musical for children and vice versa. Terrific songs and loads of pantomime characters. Use a chorus of fairy tale characters - as few or as many as you like. Two bouncy acts with a total running time of about 100 minutes.

We just finished our show…it went great!!  We had a lot of great comments from the audience…everybody, cast and crew included, loved your show.  Thank you!!

Lutheran HS, San Diego

Fairy Tales has been a great time. It was a treat to observe the students “pick up” the humorous parts of the play even after reciting them for over two months. Once again thank you for another fantastic play “and may there be many more!” St Brendan’s PS

Fairy Tales is a delightful musical. Moonee Ponds Central School

Proud, proud and extremely proud are the feelings I have following the performances of Fairy Tales last weekend. The show entertained two very large audiences. All our students – actors, chorus, backstage, lights, sound and ushers – performed at their top and I’m sure my pride is shared in the community. Quairading District High School

We really enjoyed performing Fairy Tales. It came out very well with most people pleasantly surprised at how much fun and how interesting it was. Thanks again for all your help and support. Derby Stock Theatre Company Vermont USA


Murray High School 2015

Plot / Synopsis

Welcome to the annual convention of the F.T.A. – the Fairy Tales Association. Every year in some fairy tale location, the fairy tale characters meet to discuss their lives and tales. It’s just like any other type of convention. There are workshops and plenary sessions and the odd social get-together. But this year, things start to get a little out of hand. Mind you, everyone’s there. It’s a who’s who from the world of mystery, magic and myth. There’s even a weird witch and rumblings above from the giant of all ogres. Now the best way for you to get all the goss from the world of fairy tales is to actually attend the convention. So just go through the woods, past the castle and head for the cottage by the beanstalk. Look, you can’t miss it. It’s right in front of you! Have fun! Oh and by the way, make sure you live happily ever after.



CINDERELLA [C’RELLA] - modern, with-it, trendy, hip, cool, sociable

RED RIDING HOOD [RRH] – full of ideas, bright spark, a thinker, outspoken

WOLF - softie, comic, practical joker, friendly

SNOW WH’E – perfectionist, strong personality, organiser, a leader

PRINCE - good-looking, vain, thick, easily-tricked

BEAUTY – prim ‘m proper, very polite, much attention to manners

BEAST - sincere, sensitive, all round nice guy

HANSEL – protester, greenie, change the world type

GRETEL – tom-boy, bubbling, energetic, full of beans, take on anything

JACK - immature, friendly, likeable, uneducated

WITCH – very important role of many moods, characters and voices


There are any number of minor characters - all optional. They form the chorus. You may have as many as can be accommodated. For example;

Ugly Stepmother, Ugly Stepsisters, Grannie, Woodsman, Seven Dwarfs, Wicked Queen, Mother, Giant, King, Queen, Father, Stepmother, Jack’s cow





Sample Script

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Instrumentation / Rentals

Fairy Tales is scored for piano, guitar, bass, percussion, drum-kit, flutes, clarinets, strings, trumpets and trombones. The orchestrations are available for hire. There's a digital CD with a rehearse and perform version of all the songs. The perform version contains full orchestration and is ideal for choreographers, advanced rehearsals and, of course, all your performances.

Production Costs

14% of Box Office plus rentals for script and score.