Badjelly the Witch

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Her name is Badjelly and she can turn children into sausages or chop them up to make girl soup.

Sometimes she turns Policeman into apple trees and bananas into mice.

She is the wickedest witch in the whole world.

This adaptation of Spike Milligan's book by Alannah O'Sullivan is delightful.

The You Tube video - put together by Spike Milligan fans here does not match the script - but gives you a good flavour of the production.

To see the next instalments go to You Tube and search for Badjelly the Witch by Spike Milligan.



BADJELLY - a witch.

DULLBOOT, a giant, Badjelly's servant.

ROSE, a little girl.

TTIM, a  little boy.

BINKELBONK, a tree goblin.

MUDWIGGLE, a worm.

APPLETREE, a policeman.

DINGLEMOUSE, a banana.

JIM, an eagle.

LUCY, a cow.

SHARK, a coward.

Non Speaking parts.

TROUSER ROBBER - a robber.

TRAVELER gets robbed.


Voice over.

GOD - a voice.


Toy Animals.

SILLY SAUSAGE - a barking grasshopper.

TIN LION - a rusty lion.






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Production Costs

In Australia 14% of Box Office.
In New Zealand see